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Archival Storage Boxes Acid Free

Looking for an innovative and uncomplicated to handle Archival storage box? Don't search more than 14 x18 black museum Archival storage box, this box comes with a first rate design which can be attached to wall. It can store any type of Archival material, making it a sterling surrogate for any storage needs.

16x20 Photo Storage Box

This 16 x20 photo storage box is an enticing substitute to keep your photos and videos in Archival form, the box contains 2 x2 paper coins, so your photos can be stored in an airtight condition and be Archival for 500 years. Our 2 x2 Archival storage boxes are acid-free and bulk-free from the old school way, they are 2 x2'er boxes that come with a built-in box cooler and card-indexing system to keep your records safe from damage. The boxes are 1 x1" in size and come with 500 storage balls that can hold 500 records, are you scouring for an alternative to avoid storage space problems while sending valuable items through the mail? 2 x2 papers is a peerless solution! These papers are acid-free and paper-safe, meaning you can store them in an acid-free environment, which makes sending valuable items more reasonable and monarch-free. These papers are sensational surrogate to keep your storage space empty and organized, lignin-free photo storage boxes are excellent for keeping your memories alive. With acid-free metal edges, these boxes provide you with, more lignin-free photo storage boxes are first-rate for keeping your memories alive.