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Bcw 5000 Count Storage Box

This is a first-class box for shoppers who are wanting for storage for their cards, it renders a full-sized box and is fabricated to store cards in securely. This box is moreover first-rate for suitors who are in the market for a new trading card storage box, this box presents a top-of-the-line lid that makes it facile to fill with cards.

Trading Card Storage Box 5000

Our trading card storage box is a first rate alternative to keep your cards and cards kits organized and in one place, the box is backed by a manufacturer warranty and provides an unique corrugated cardboard design that makes it uncomplicated to care for. The 5000 Count super monster storage box 3-pack is a top-of-the-line solution for keeping your school supplies, cds and other important items safe and easy, the box is fabricated of durable plastic and presents a lid to keep things organized. The box is available in three colors and grants a built-in lid to make it effortless to keep track of things, the 5000 Count trading card storage box full lid can holding your cards, notebooks and other storage items. The box is produced of plastic and extends a room for every card, a built-in lid and a clamshell design, the box is a first-class surrogate to keep your cards close to you and still give them a place to go. This box is in top condition, the cover is missing a few stars but the box still stands. It is further very sturdy and can hold a lot of data, the data is mostly visible on the sides of the box. The color is very dark and provides a little yellowish tone to it, it is additionally very strong and can't suffer any damage.