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Christmas Tree Storage Box 7.5 Ft

Introducing the zober artificial Christmas Tree storage bag! This thing can handle 7, 5 ft. Of Tree material at a time, and still provide enough room to store and carry on with other objects, it's an unequaled size for keeping track of Christmas gifts or storage for the year ahead.

Best Christmas Tree Storage Box 75 Ft

This sturdy and lightweight storage box is exquisite for holding up to 7, 5 feet of Christmas tree. The bag can be easily carried around on your shoulder while shopping or public, this box is in like manner peerless for storing or transporting your trees. The bag is fabricated of durable material that will last long in the field, this Tree storage box is excellent for keeping your trees safe and secure during the winter. The heavy-duty bag will protect their roots and tell the world that you are, the box is in like manner 7. 5 feet tall and can store up to 12 trees, this high-quality Christmas Tree storage box is puissant for keeping your trees safe and basic this winter. This bag is fabricated of heavy-duty artificial trees and presents an 7, 5 foot depth. The box is again made of plastic and grants a durable design, it is uncomplicated to fill and empty Christmas Tree storage bag box is and renders a catch to keep the trees together. The Christmas Tree storage box is unrivalled for keeping your trees safe and effortless this winter, this heavy-duty bag storage box can hold up to 7. 5 feet of growth lit lite trees, making it first-rate for your home, the bag storage box is produced from artificial Tree branches and will make your Christmas Tree life easier than ever.