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Dmc Thread Storage Box Wooden

This Dmc Thread storage box is an outstanding alternative to organize and store your Thread and skeins! The modern design with Wooden drawers is exceptional for your home shop or workshop, the box is 3 x4' with embroidery storage on the top and two sofas in the background that can be pulled out for storage.

Floss Storage Box

This stylish and functional floss storage box is excellent for your laundry room, the build means that it is straightforward to move around, and the storage solutions you come up with are really up to you. You can choose to handle them on the spot or create some custom solutions, the box also comes with a few quick-start tips with the condition that new to this type of storage. This 3 drawer display box is manufactured of wood and is designed to hold a lot of floss, the box renders a variety of ornaments that can be added to the box, such as an and so on. The box is moreover equipped with two hands free making it a beneficial spot for storing floss and other floss-related items, this storage box is superb for your embroidery skills! It is Wooden with three drawers, and is produced to hold all your eggs, stitched fabrics, and more. The box is further straightforward to fill with Thread and remove when you're done with your work, this floss away storage box is an outstanding addition to your quilting area. The sleek, Wooden 3 drawer display box is valuable for storing your floss away techniques and tools, the box is fabricated from Dmc Thread floss Wooden 3 drawer display box embroidery storage vintage skeins. This floss away storage box is a splendid substitute to organize your techniques and tools.