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Hitch Storage Box

The Hitch storage box peerless for storing balls or other items on positions 3 and 4, the box offers a comfortable handle and easy-to-use controls, making it basic to move and store items.

Hitch Mounted Storage Box

This is a storage box that can be attached to a safe or used car, it imparts a Hitch mount system and is hidden behind the car. It can hold cash, key cards, and other necessary items, this is an excellent car safe secure storage box that can protect your car. It comes with a keyless secure lock, and it extends a hidden holder for your key, you can also use it to store your cash, and you can also use it as a key storage area. This trailer Hitch storage box is a terrific addition to your vehicle, it is heavy-duty and comes with a water resistant zip-up bag. The bag can hold all the Hitch components and their water-resistant planners, the box is compact and can be organized for straightforward storage. This tool box storage 60 heavy wall aluminum single door gloss black new is a top-of-the-heap car Hitch storage box for folks with many tools, the box presents a new design with a white logo. This tool box is excellent for your car and is top-grade for storing your tools.