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Keter Xxl 230 Gallon Deck Storage Box

This 230gallon deck storage box is perfect for your outside patio or garden. With a spacious interior and spacious exterior, this box perfect for storing large items. Also features a strong and sturdy build that will last long in your garden or patio.

Keter Xxl 230 Gallon Deck Storage Box Ebay

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Keter Xxl 230 Gallon Deck Storage Box Amazon

This new keter xxl 230 gallon plastic deck storage container box is a great way to keep your deck organized and clean! It has a large capacity and is made of plastic for easy care. It is also waterproof and comes with a built-in lid to keep the box closed. It can be placed on a large surface or used as a storage box for your deck. this 230 gallon resin outdoor patio storage deck box is perfect for holding all the equipment and supplies you need for your property! It's lightweight and small enough to fit in any backyard without feeling heavy, making it perfect for busy families or businesses. Keter's high quality isitching makes it a durable and reliable product, perfect for the more busy outdoor community. this large deck box is perfect for storing all the mla's and carnivores of your property. The keter xxl 230 gallon resin rattan look outdoor storage deck box is made of high-quality rattan and is a great addition to your property. This box is also unusual in that it has two panels that can be easily attached or removed, making it easy to keep track of what is in the box. This box is perfect for anyone looking to store or transport exclaims enough space to keep all the mla's and carnivores of your property. this 230 gallon plastic deck storage box is the perfect size for outdoorpatio garden or garden games such as games of chance or wagering. It is also great for holding else where's food. This container is made ofuminum and is made to last. And it comes with a built in top that makes it easy to get to your food.