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Playing Card Storage Box

This vintage Playing Card deck storage box is puissant for your Playing Card storage needs! It is fabricated of materials that are related to Card and features an open-top design with a door that opens completely, the box grants been made from durable materials that will last and are basic to clean. If you're searching for a box that will hold your Playing Card deck, vintage multi slot Playing Card storage box is a best-in-class choice for you.

Deck Of Cards Storage Box

This is a wooden Card storage box for poker and bridge size cards, it is sterling for the individual who wants to keep their cards and other gaming equipment in a more physical location. The Card storage box as well first-rate for containing left-over cards or cards that are no longer used, this vintage wooden Playing Card deck box holder is a best-in-class substitute to organize your decks and make them more accessible. The cover is manufactured of wooden boards with 252 Card pockets, and a built-in deck cover, the holder presents been made of plastic with a logo, and is supposed to last forever? This wooden Playing Card storage box is a first-rate solution for folks who desire to play with their cards. The box is large and can store any number of cards, making it a splendid size for busy people or anyone who wants to play in a timely manner, this is a peugeot 1907 Playing cards in wooden storage box with etched glass top. The box presents a vintage look and feel to it, and the Card box is well-crafted with an etching on the top, there are theoretically no Card flaws, and the top is in enticing condition. There is a small hole in the top for a Card pen, but it renders been replaced by a straw, the box is closed with a padlock.