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Thread Storage Box

Our thread storage box is a perfect way to organize your sewing with empty needles and spools. The colorful empty holder is the perfect place to store your threads and tools. The case is also soft and comfortable to wear, making it a perfect everyday piece.

Thread Storage Boxes

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Sewing Thread Storage Box

This amazing sewing thread storage box is perfect for keeping your thread safe and easy. The clear plastic tray is large enough to hold three spools, while the lot of three colors makes it easy to find your way around. The box is also sturdy and there is a built-in zipper for easy loading and unloading. this stylish storage box is perfect for organizing your sewing supplies! It is made of plastic with a zip-top closure and a star-shaped emblem in the lid. It is available in two colors (silver and black) and is perfect for holding your threadbox orerkers. this is a vintage singer home chest thread spool storage caddy box plastic folding sewing. It is perfect for organizing your sewing skills and giving your chest a new look. The caddy can be customized to hold any amount of thread, making it a perfect tool for busy women. this is avintage sewing thread case clear clam shape container holder orig with thread. It is perfect for storing thread forardiweaving. It is also a great place to store thread if you ever want to up the number of thread you have.