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Xmas Tree Storage Box

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6ft Christmas Tree Storage Box

This well-made storage bag is designed to keep your Tree in the ground's core all winter long, it's like all the Tree needed was a small bit of a middle name: bin heavy-duty artificial Tree storage box. The 14-1/2 foot long bag is fabricated of heavy-duty fabric and features a built-in Tree storage bag, it's like having a Tree in a Tree stand, just with a little more storage. This well-made storage bag is likewise fantastic for large trees or trees that are down in the ground, the new, heavy-duty artificial Tree storage box is top-notch for keeping your trees safe and facile all winter long. The bag can hold up to 9 trees and is produced of sturdy material that will last even when used over and over again, the box also gives a built-in belt that can be used to keep the Tree safe and effortless to move around, so you can focus on your work. This xlarge christmas Tree storage box or bag is an enticing choice to keep your Tree alive during the christmas season, this bag can store up to an 12 ft tree, and grants a large, durable wheeled case that fits comfortably on her large base. With her huge size, she can handle the heavy work of storing and caring for your tree, this home depot christmas Tree storage box is fantastic for keeping your trees in the ground during the winter. It is manufactured of heavy-duty canvas and presents a room for at least 8 trees, making it peerless for storage, the box is additionally covered in safety eyes and features a star-shaped hole in the top for facile portability.